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Welcome to Emmaus

Emmaus is a warm and friendly gathering of people forgiven and redeemed by Jesus the Messiah, sharing the love of Christ throughout the community.

We at Emmaus are confessionally Lutheran. This means that as Christians we accept the confessions of the Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther and others who taught that we are saved by grace though faith on account of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the sixty-six books of the Holy Bible are without error and are inspired by the Spirit of God. From this Word of God all of our teachings and practices are shaped and conformed. We also believe that the Lutheran Confessionals are true and faithful confessions of the doctrine taught in Scripture.

We use the historical liturgical form of worship that is rare in today’s churches. If you are unfamiliar with this form of worship, please see the section on “Worshiping with the Hymnal!

We welcome you to the house of God!

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What Do We Teach?

There are many Christian churches around this area. Often they are different from each other based upon how each worships (style) and what each teaches (substance) about Jesus. At Emmaus, we teach the essential lessons handed down to us from the time of the Reformation. Most are contained in a small booklet called The Small Catechism. You can read it here.

The Small Catechism;

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What's a Sunday Like?

Sundays at Emmaus are times of worship and fellowship. Starting at 9:00a.m. -ish, we gather around the Word of God and explore the endless riches, truths, insights, and teachings which God our Father has preserved in the Holy Bible for thousands of years. We laugh, we cry, we learn, we grow, we pray and we are blessed by God.

Later, around 10:30a.m. we move into the sanctuary where we more formally worship our God and receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ for our forgiveness and strengthening. We listen to our Pastor preach the Gospel (and the Law), we thank and praise God for his undeserved goodness to us.

Wrapping up the morning we gather for fellowship, reflection and discussion about the ministries God has invited us to be involved in for his glory.

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Emmaus Ladies Mission Society

Emmaus Ladies Mission Society (ELMS) functions primarily as an agent to reach out in love to our neighbors near and far, within the Christian community and outside of it. This is what our Lord Jesus Christ asks of us and what the Holy Spirit enables us to do. We are small in number, but we enlist the help of the entire congregation to complete out projects, so that this outreach is one which involves a large percentage of the congregation’s members.

Two of our projects are year-round in nature:. We have a group active in providing quilts to Lutheran World Relief. Also, we are part of the local Family Advocacy Network (FAN) in the Redmond public schools. FAN provides clothing, school supplies, and other needs to children whose parents struggle to provide them. We begin purchasing cold weather clothing and other items when store clearances begin in January, and school supplies when sales begin in summer. These items are provided to advocates from the schools during a FAN FAIR held at the church in September. We also fill special needs for children as they occur during the school year.

Other Services

.In addition, ELMS serves within the congregation by preparing for special events, such as confirmation and baptism receptions and funeral meals. We promote fellowship among all the ladies with our monthly Birthday Bash and our yearly Christmas party. We remember all members when they are sick, lose a loved one, or have a birthday.

We sponsor monthly collections for the FISH food bank and provide vouchers for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Our youth and other members enjoy helping us tie fleece blankets to give to patients at our local dialysis center. The Lord blesses our ministry, and we are all enriched by it.

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